England, its people and its country

England comprises 84% of UK’s total population.

In Europe, it is one of the most densely-populated counties with 383 people per square kilometer. Its population is aging, ages 16 years and below are declining and ages 65 years and above are rising. Most of its people speak English where it is the only language used while conducting official business. England is a secular country where 71% are Christians; 3.1%Islam; 1.1% Hindu; 0.7% Sikh; 0.5% Jewish; 0.3% Buddhist and 22.3% have no religion.

England’s environment is a mixture of both old and new elements. It’s still a gentle, fabled land, home of county pubs in some parts but this developed further and is now known for its vibrant cities where you can have great nightlife while enjoying many beautiful sceneries around. The Buckingham Palace and the changing of the Guards are two of the most popular attractions. London Bridge and Big Ben also top the favorite destination list of tourists. Other famous spots include Saint Paul Cathedral and Tower Bridge and many castles that served as the homes of England’s royal families.

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